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Kinja's 2018 NBA Draft Liveblog

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After months of teams trotting out their worst statistical line ups, the big payoff is finally here: The 2018 NBA Draft.


The excitement of a rise, the disappointment of a fall, the questionable fashion choices, the swelling of lungs that comes along each time the ESPN jingle sounds, heralding a trade that may or may not include your favorite team — we’re finally here.

The 2018 NBA Draft promises to be one of the deepest, most exciting in years because almost every front office is incompetent, and none of this matters because the Warriors will acquire Anthony Davis for Jordan Bell and a case of Hennessy.


Join Kinja’s expert draft analysts tonight at 7pm Eastern for what will be the most exciting NBA event of the post season, including the post season.

I like basketball, UX, neon, and synth leads. I ran a gaming blog once.

Senior Product Manager, Kinja

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