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Kinja's 2019 NBA Draft Liveblog

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That’s right folks, we’re back again for yet another NBA Draft, to roast our favorite college kids and international projects as they bask in the unmitigated smoothness of Commissioner Adam Silver.


As you would expect from a league that is on the bleeding edge of progress, last year’s draft was full of Wild Shit™ such as Trae Young’s first day of school and Adrian Wojnarowski flexing his mastery of the English language. Perhaps no one had as eventful a Draft as Mikal Bridges, who experienced seeing his dad get drafted before him, took a very intense sip of water, and had Andre Iguodala hit on his mom, all before being trading from his hometown Sixers to the helpless Phoenix Suns. The Cavs did something too! What an event!


Will this year’s draft be as entertaining as the last? Who will dress like a child? Will Shams Charania step up his synonym game? Whose mom will will a declining vet thirst after? How will the Cavs screw up? Get all your answers right here at 7pm EDT.

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